Inspired by my mother-in-law’s cooking and my love of soup, I started 100 Bowls of Soup in 2009 with the idea of sharing simple, homemade nourishing soup and stock with friends and family. I wanted to create soup from scratch and real bone stock that was as flavorful and fresh as it was nourishing. I wanted to cook seasonally and get to know the farmers and artisans who grew and raised the ingredients I used in our soups and stock. I began cooking my first batches of soup in a local church kitchen, selling the soup at several artisanal food stores and at the Reston Farmers Market. I was fortunate to find commercial kitchen space and a local partner in Maple Avenue Market in Vienna. With continued growth came the need for more kitchen space and a decision to create our very own kitchen space. Our new kitchen in Herndon, Virginia is finally finished.  Come visit us!

From the first few bowls of soup I made in my home kitchen until now, it has been a journey of discovery - learning about the many sources and diversity of local ingredients, developing relationships with farmers and artisans, working with a talented staff of home cooks, experimenting with ingredients, creating new recipes and gathering valuable feedback from soup enthusiasts near and far. 


- Katharine mardirosian - Owner & Founder